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Tennessee, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 35.5174913, Longitude: -86.5804473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bohannan, Abner  1814Tennessee, USA I1516
2 Bohannan, Elijah  1818Tennessee, USA I1528
3 Bohannan, Henderson  25 Apr 1805Tennessee, USA I1522
4 Bohannan, John B  18 Aug 1824Tennessee, USA I2043
5 Bohannan, Lewis  1812Tennessee, USA I1529
6 Bohannan, William Henderson, Jr.  5 Feb 1826Tennessee, USA I1713
7 Bryant, William  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I1470
8 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Apr 1832Tennessee, USA I1830
9 Clemens, Nancy Jane  17 May 1826Tennessee, USA I2893
10 Dale, Catherine "Katy"  1796Tennessee, USA I1736
11 Davis, Ichabaud  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I2778
12 Earp, Ann A.  13 Jan 1824Tennessee, USA I2122
13 Earp, Archibald  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I2118
14 Earp, Ellander "Well"  16 May 1822Tennessee, USA I2116
15 Earp, John James Wesley  14 Feb 1828Tennessee, USA I2113
16 Earp, Mary Ann "Polly"  Abt 1837Tennessee, USA I2131
17 Earp, William Harrison  26 Nov 1829Tennessee, USA I2127
18 Ezell, Greenberry  1807Tennessee, USA I2403
19 Fowler, Martha  1829Tennessee, USA I2158
20 Gaskill, George Taylor  24 Oct 1848Tennessee, USA I1742
21 Harp, Absolom A "Apse\Doc"  1822Tennessee, USA I2687
22 Harp, Alverine  1806Tennessee, USA I2565
23 Harp, Cherubia "Cherry"  7 Sep 1817Tennessee, USA I2665
24 Harp, Elizabeth Jane  15 Sep 1829Tennessee, USA I1842
25 Harp, Hubbard, Twin  1810Tennessee, USA I2567
26 Harp, Isabel  1857Tennessee, USA I2624
27 Harp, James Anderson  18 Aug 1814Tennessee, USA I1496
28 Harp, James Madison  1829Tennessee, USA I1967
29 Harp, James R.  Abt 1867Tennessee, USA I2626
30 Harp, James Thomas  14 Aug 1824Tennessee, USA I2009
31 Harp, Jane  1814Tennessee, USA I1500
32 Harp, John A.  Abt 1839Tennessee, USA I2591
33 Harp, Joseph M.  Abt 1826Tennessee, USA I2587
34 Harp, Leah C.  Abt 1843Tennessee, USA I2593
35 Harp, Linna  Abt 1868Tennessee, USA I2627
36 Harp, Martha  18 Jul 1821Tennessee, USA I1963
37 Harp, Martha A.  Abt 1841Tennessee, USA I2592
38 Harp, Martha Ann  1830Tennessee, USA I1442
39 Harp, Mary Jane Elizabeth  1849Tennessee, USA I2619
40 Harp, Parallee J.  1825Tennessee, USA I2586
41 Harp, Phillip J. M.  18 Jun 1826Tennessee, USA I2011
42 Harp, Pleasant Preston  11 Jun 1827Tennessee, USA I1444
43 Harp, Rhoda  1804Tennessee, USA I2584
44 Harp, Rhoda "Rita"  Abt 1853Tennessee, USA I2621
45 Harp, Rhoda A.  Abt 1836Tennessee, USA I2589
46 Harp, Salina  4 May 1826Tennessee, USA I1965
47 Harp, Samson D.  1810Tennessee, USA I1592
48 Harp, Sarah  4 Jun 1812Tennessee, USA I1465
49 Harp, Sarah  1831Tennessee, USA I2588
50 Harp, Sarah M.  16 Jan 1824Tennessee, USA I1547

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marlett, Margaret Catherine  4 Oct 1854Tennessee, USA I2807


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harp / Maxwell  1830Tennessee, USA F864
2 Harp / Uln  1830Tennessee, USA F865