Our Family History

A Little About Us and How We Got Here

One day I was given the task to come up with a few ideas while redoing our website. In the course of having a hundred and one things running thru my mind in regards to that task, I touched back on a comment that someone made one day when they found out that Dayna and I hadn't grown up together....

... It's the one thing that people have found fascinating when they hear that Dayna and I were not just "newly found cousin's" but that we were "newly found 1st cousin's".

I come from a family that rarely seen each other. They rarely talked to each other. They rarely did anything with each other. Although there wasn't a strong connection there with the extended family, I knew who my Aunts and Uncles were. I knew whose child belonged to whom. Or at least, I thought I knew.

The one question that has played on my mind though since Jan of 2001 is: How could I know that I had an Uncle ... how could I know his name ... how could I know the state he lived in ... yet not know that I also had an Aunt and 3 grown cousin's who were connected to this very same Uncle that I knew of? It's a question that I'll never have an answer to though because both of my parents are gone and there's no one else to ask.

But while surfing one day, that surfing led to a new hobby and that hobby led to the discovery of new family members, and that prompts one to sit back and takes notes (and at times face the unanswered questions in life) and that discovery led Dayna and I to the present day.

The present day .... Itís brought us together. It's brought us together under God. It's brought us together as a family. It's brought us together as friends. It's brought us together as co-workers. It's brought us together as partners in a website.

That website is Mortinsen.com. It's one of the things that I cherish most in my life. To some it may be just another website ... but to me, it means the world. It's brought so much to my life that in posting my family on the World Wide Web brings a hope that someone else in the world may stumble across a new family member that'll come to mean as much to them as much as Dayna means to me.

Before you get all excited at the new prospects that await you around the corner though, let me fore warn you ... things are not always a bed of roses when it comes to searching and finding new family members and then going public.

Bringing our family to the World Wide Web has had it's ups and downs along the way. For a little over a year and a half, we put together and maintained a family Genealogy website while being 960 miles apart. The distance itself posed problems. It wasn't as if we could sit in the same room and discuss what the other would like to have posted. When we had differences ... we couldn't work thru them as easily as it would have been if we were living closer to each other. Our family positions had influenced us also at times. I was the oldest child in my family and that sort of put me in a position of being at the head of things ... in charge ... leading the pack ... kind of thing. Dayna on the other hand is the baby of his family and has had to deal with people older then him trying to tell him what to do or that he wasn't capable of making decisions or choices for himself and those differences played a role at times between us. Our Demographic differences popped up at times and caused a few rifts. In some aspects we have different taste and that posed a problem. Our genders played a part in our differences. After all, Dayna is a male who is not too kosher having a frilly pink website whereas I, being a female, am not too kosher having a gray metal sci-fi website. Our personality differences came into the picture as well. Dayna is a person who works on the fly, getting into the technical aspect of things and having the patience to deal with technical errors. I'm not that way. I need to sit back and think about my next step and the next step after that before I plunge into something (unless it's a fit of rage). And anything technical .... God didn't grant me that talent and any patience that I had coming ... God gave it ALL to Dayna.

In the long run though ... it all has been worth it. That surfing one day long ago brought us together for a number of reasons and what I got out of it myself ... I'd do it all over again in a heart beat!

As long as someone used his patience and search for that hidden treasure in the middle.


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